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The Avalanches Presenting A Electronic Music Album For Music Lovers. The Musical Package (WILDFLOWER) Is Second Studio Album By Australian Electronic Music Group The Avalanches. Wildflower Was First Released For Streaming On Apple Music Itunes Store On First July Two Thousand Sixteen, And Saw A Full Release On Eight July Two Thousand Sixteen. This Music Album Was Issued Through Modular Recordings, Astralwerks, XL Recordings And EMI.

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1. The Leaves Were Falling
2. Because I'm Me
3. Frankie Sinatra
4. Subways
5. Going Home
6. If I Was A Folkstar
7. Colours
8. Zap!
9. Noisy Eater
10. Wildflower
11. Harmony
12. Live A Lifetime Love
13. Park Music
14. Livin' Underwater (Is Something Wild)
15. The Wozard Of Iz
16. Over The Turnstiles
17. Sunshine
18. Light Up
19. Kaleidoscopic Lovers
20. Stepkids
21. Saturday Night Inside Out.

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